Computer screen output as a TV vision mixer input

Hi, we need to get a computer screen into a broadcast video mixer but the colourspace seems incorrect. Blacks look green, white is pink on our video recorder which can see the signal. Is the UGA-2kHDMI limited to not work on TV screens (ie not monitors) - maybe requiring YUV colours?

Hi Laurent,

Thank you so much for reaching out to us, I am sorry that you are experiencing this issue, but I would be happy to assist!

The UGA-2KHDMI is compatible with TV’s, but we could be dealing with a faulty unit, or a specific incompatibility with the display you are utilizing. If you connect the adapter to another display, does the same color issue become apparent?

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I see from the Plugable website that the 6oHz and 50Hz support seems to be at 1080p only not 1080i. (I am running broadcast kit at 1080i50)

I have run many tests of the resolution options (including 60iHz & 50iHZ in the Intel options) that I have available for the adapter and the only one that will display in my video equipment is:
Monitor 60Hz, Intel 60pHz (or 59pHz) and ATEM 1M/E p59.95

I would have expected
Monitor 50Hz, Intel 50pHz and ATEM 1M/E p50 to work but it doesn’t. The monitor drop down only has no 60i or 50i Hz options.

In fact out of any of the logical combinations of settings only the 60pHZ works which is really odd.

With regards to the colours, the Atem’s screen is displaying them fine at that 60hz /p59.94 setting, but the recorder still doesn’t. I’ll ignore that for now as what concerns me is the need to have 50p (working on the Atem), which it currently doesn’t.

Hi Laurent,

Thank you so much for providing these individual configuration settings, additional troubleshooting, and descriptive break down of your display, the recorder and the adapter working.

Based on the information of the output type and broadcast kit you are using, as well the colorspace (our DisplayLink adapters utilize RGB and not YUV, which is a standard) our adapter is not compatible with the DisplayType you are attempting to utilize in its specific configuration, as your display utilizes Interlaced signaling, which DisplayLink experiences issues with when compressing the data, and then outputting.

At this point, our individual adapter (and all of our DisplayLink based adapters) will not be compatible with the specific settings you want to utilize. I would be more then happy to provide a refund for your purchase, if you would like to contact us directly at, we can obtain your Amazon Order ID Number, and have the refund initiated via Amazon. Please include " Ticket No 192745" in the subject line so that we can combine this information with your refund ticket.

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Hi Everyone,

We were hoping we could continue troubleshooting this issue with Laurent, but based on the information inside of his configuration, we do no think that our adapter will be compatible with the specific display types and resolutions he is attempting to utilize.

We hope Laurent is able to send over a direct email to us so that we can help as much as possible!

If anyone else has any additional questions, or related issues, please feel free to contact us at, and we would be happy to assist!

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