Computer Power Save function not working with monitor connected to UD-3900


I recently purchased a UD-3900 and run my external monitor through it. Even though, I have my computer’s (Windows 10) power save functions set for the screen to turn off and computer to sleep after a certain amount of time, this does not seem to always happen. Is there something I should be doing? Thanks.


Hi Jason,

Thanks for posting and I would be happy to help with your docking station.

All the system power management functions are controlled by Windows itself and our dock can’t affect this behavior on its own. When the behavior is inconsistent like you describe the most common cause is Windows itself misbehaving or in rarer cases proprietary power management used by some system manufacturers (Lenovo are sometimes known for this).

Can you let us know what brand and specific model system you are using?

Thank you,

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I have a Dell XPS-13 laptop. I think I have the Windows settings correctly managed. This morning all was well and the computer was sleeping so you may be right that Windows is just misbehaving at times.


Hi Jason,

Thanks for getting back with the update. You don’t mention which specific model variation of the XPS 13 you have, but one thing to make sure of is that all the latest updates from Dell are applied. For example, for the recent Dell XPS 13 9350 system that has Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C support it is important to have the latest system BIOS, Thunderbolt driver, Thunderbolt NVM firmware and graphics adapter video driver to help ensure the most consistent performance.

The best way to ensure you have all the latest updates for your specific system is to visit and use your Dell Service Tag (…) to locate, download and install the latest updates.

Thank you,