Computer not enouth power

When I power up my super speed 7-port usb hub and plug it into one of my usb 3 port windows flags a device message saying usb device exceeded power available and asks for a reset

Hi David,

Thanks for posting here, I’ll be happy to help. Here’s a few quick questions so we can get a better idea of how to help –

Can you say if the small green light is illuminated on the power supply for the hub? If there’s no green light, please forward your Amazon order id to us at and we’ll get you fixed up.

Also, are there any device connected to the hub when you connect it to the computer? If so, try without and devices.

What is the make and model of computer and what operating system and version are you running?

Do you have another computer you can connect it to?


Thanks for quick reply

I can confirm the small green light is visible on the power supply hub + there is 5.4 volts across the output connector

No device connected to the hub when I connected it to the computer

Operating system 64 bit Windows 7 fully upgraded with all service packs running on an ASUS P8Z77-I DELUXE On this computer it gives the windows usb error message Power surge on Hub port

No luck with the second computer - it immediately crashed as we plugged in the USB extension to the hub - Windows 7

On a 3rd computer Compaq 615 portable it does nothing that we can see - Win XP

There is a an odd behaviour as you plug in a USB stick the light on the stick come on for a short period but then goes out - no bub lights

Good to see your confident so am I now


Hi Dave,

Send over your Amazon order id to as well as the serial number of the unit you have and a link to this thread and we’ll get you fixed up.


This exact thing happens to me. The green light is on on my power supply. It used to work fine.