Computer light staying on after shut down?????????


I have just purchased your USB2-Hub-AG7 and noticed after I turn off my computer the small light on the front of the computer that shows activity when there are programs running or loading up stays on even when the computer is off. Is this normal? I am operating with Win XP.


Hi Nick,

Thanks for your question!

There are no software or drivers for a USB hub (all operating systems with USB support have support for hubs built in). And there’s nothing about the hub itself that should keep a computer awake (but individual USB devices can keep PCs from dropping into certain sleep states).

It may be because the AC powered USB hub itself stays powered even when the computer is asleep, that the LED is designed or happens to notice that (detects 0 < 400 mV on the line).

If you’re still concerned, we can dig deeper.

If you can send your PC make/model we’ll see what we can learn about this activity LED (how it’s connected back to the PC).

And on a Windows XP machine, there’ll be several possible power states where the machine appears to be “turned off”, configurable from the Windows control panel.

When you say turn off - are you doing that by hitting the machines’ power button, or from within Windows. And is XP set in that case to do a full shutdown or hibernate; or is it set to go to standby?

Thanks again for your question!


Bernie got right back and asked the right questions for me to check. I am not sure how to send Bernie a message after I check some things first. Where to I go to respond back to Bernie?


Hi Nick - you can reply back here on the public forum, or email us anytime at I’ll see those emails. Thanks!