Computer Freeze at Startup everytimes

Waisted more than 1 hour this morning on this issue. The problem seems to be a corruption with display link at startup. Here is a solution that worked for me to get past by this Corruption of system causing by Display Link Software. At start-up with Windows 7 (at least for me) you will have about 10 sec to react there is nothing you can do. When the Computer boot and freeze, Push the Power button that’s the only thing that will work on you computer. Once the computer boot open in SAFE MODE. Then the laptop will work without freezing. Go to Control Panel and Try Uninstalling Display Link Software (for me that did not work) so instead go to PROGRAM FILES -> Diplay Link Software and rename all the .exe file so that they don’t get executed at startup. Reboot the system and you should be able to use your computer again. Next step take the Plugable VGA Display Adapter put it in the box and return it.

Hello Benoit,

We replied to your direct email inquiry with the following information, but we’re posting here as well in case that email didn’t make it through. Thank you for your post! Very sorry to hear about the issues – we want to help solve them since you certainly shouldn’t have to work through a clean install process several times a day. This type of behavior is rare and usually caused by a 3rd party driver conflicting with the DisplayLink drivers. While it is rare, by looking at some system logs, we should hopefully be able to pinpoint the cause and help work through it.

Please run our log-gathering tool from the page below. It will save a .ZIP file to your Desktop which can be emailed over for us to have a look and advise on the next steps.

Once you get that emailed to us, it will hopefully give us some clues to what is happening.

Thank you!