Computer crashed

Computer crashed first time I connected your device (USB 2.0 UGA). This is my business laptop. I need assistance ASAP. why can’t I find a # to call?

We’re currently working with Israel in private email to determine the cause of his system crashes.

Just for public record, we don’t offer phone support since we typically need to request details that can’t be sent over the phone, such as the output from the DisplayLink Support Tool (for our USB graphics products) or PlugDebug (for our other USB devices like drive docks, hubs, etc). We do, however, do our best to offer timely replies, especially on frustrating issues like this.

Last but not least, if any other customers see a Windows PC crash just after attaching one of our DisplayLink based USB graphics adapters for the first time, the most common cause is having used/using a different USB graphics adapter based on an MCT chipset. Mixing adapters from the two chipsets isn’t possible due to incompatibilities between drivers for the different units.

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett
Plugable Technologies