Compatibility with Thunderbolt 3 port

Hi, is TBT4-UD5 supposed to work with Thunderbolt 3 port? I’m trying to connect it to Thinkpad T470s Linux machine which has USB-C Thunderbolt port. The HDMI connection seem to work fine, but there is no audio and no usb devices. I’ve read that there is some backward compatibility between TB4 and TB3 (evidenced by working HDMI), so could it be a software issue? Everything seem to work fine on TB4 port on a Windows X1 Carbon (gen 10) laptop.

Turned out there was some security configuration of thunderbolt 3 port in BIOS that I needed to change, now it seem to work fine.

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Thanks for the comment, and I am glad to hear that you got your setup working! Please do not hesitate to reach back out if you run into any other issues with your TBT4-UD5!

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