compatibility with Highpoint rocket u 1144B controler

will this device work with a highpoint rocketu 1144B on windows 7 64 X86 mobo.
Having issues with WD My book 3.0 as it keeps disconnecting so I need an alternative option

Hi Chris - Thanks for posting!

Can you say what Plugable product you have, or are considering?

Highpoint doesn’t say what chipset they use in their host controller (…), so it will be difficult to offer any speculative advise. There’s a lot of older USB 3.0 host controllers out there that have issues – often a host controller driver update will solve issues.


Hi Bernie,

Thanks for the quick response.

The chipset is Asmedia but I am not sure which one. I only purchased the card this week. The “C” version is much more expensive and not readily available at present.
I originally purchased a Belkin which has the NEC chipset but that had the same problem with the WD My Book 3.0 TB.
Kind regards
Chris Thompson

Sorry Bernie,
I forgot to add the device I am looking at is the Plugable USB 3.0 SATA Hard Drive Lay-Flat Docking Station (Latest ASMedia ASM1053E Chipset with UK and EU Mains) from Amazon. I will temporarily use a 2TB WD drive with this and then purchase a 3 or 4TB but I am nervous of finding that the drives are not seen by Explorer or disk management as is the case with the “My Book”

Regards Chris

Hi Chris - I’m hopeful things will be fine with our dock, as long as you’re on the latest firmware and drivers for the ASMedia host controller.

But with the My Book (when our products aren’t involved), I’m not sure.

Email if you do ever get down to a problem specifically with our products - we can look at things in more detail with our debug tools.


Hi Bernie.

I took the plunge before getting your last mail and purchased a Plugable docking station from Amazon last night and this arrived this morning (Saturday). I attached a 2 year old WD 2.0TB Green HDD drive to the hub and connected it to the 1144B host controller and it connected immediately.

Its early days but this looks promising. I will wait a few days to see if it stays connected and then think about taking the plunge again and purchasing either a 4TB or 3TB Green or Black drive to use as a backup drive. The current 2.0TB only runs at 3Mb/s so it is not using the full potential of USB 3.

I am assuming that I won’t have an issue with the larger drives. Explorer is seeing the My Book drive on the MOBO’s USB2 host controller as 2.72GB, which looks about right for this size drive.

I then need to decide whether to return the “my book” as it clearly has compatibility issues. I have mailed WD for advice.
Many thanks for your support. It is a pleasant change to get such a quick, positive response from a manufacturer/supplier and the product is well priced and of good quality.
Kind regards

Hello Bernie,

Just to let you know, I went ahead and purchased the WD 3.0TB “Green” drive and this works fine. I contacted WD and at first got no response but after writing again they said it could well be a defective controller within the “My Book” unit. I have now returned the drive to Amazon for a full refund.
The “plugable” hub has turned out to be the better buy in any case. I used it to back up my 4 hard drives and then formated “C” drive to clean out all of the junk and reinstall Windows 7. This was quick.
I had problems reinstalling the operating system and decided to download Windows 8.1, which incidentally is not as bad as reported, provided you don’t mind playing hide and seek with your desktop PC!
This would not install either and kept hanging but I eventually got it to install. Windows 8.1 found a problem with the “C” drive, which it fixed but I decided to install a new drive. This was when I was please that I purchased the hub as I simply used it to connect the replacement drive and clone the old “C” drive. This literally took minutes using USB3. I swapped out the drives and all is now working much faster and much quiter with no more PC case vibration, which plagued me for years!
The only slight niggle I have is that sometimes the drive in the “Plugable” Hub buzzes against the sides of the Hub. Slightly adjusting the drive stops this.
Its not really an issue except when backing up as the drive turns itself off when not in use and it does not do it all of the time.
In conclusion, the “Plugable” USB 3.0 SATA Hard Drive Lay-Flat Docking Station is a simple yet very usefull piece of kit for backing up and for cloning or reading old drives. It is well worth the money.

Kind regards

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the wrap-up on how all the products are getting used and what you found. Good to know you were able to get to a workable setup!