Compatibility for driver for PL2303 usb to serial adapter?

The serial to usb version I ordered is not compatable with my SCIO Biofeedback device. It is a PL2303 apparently not PL2303-db9 which is what I ordered. This is the driver I was given that I can not get to work with the device that I currently have. I get an error 10 and the Biofeedback software is not recognizing my device. Any suggestions?

Hi Katherine,

I’ve also been communicating with you at our direct email address. I just noticed the comment you posted here.

The adapter we sent is the PL2303-DB9 (the only one we sell) and its driver works well in Windows 10. Actually, the driver doesn’t have any effect on the device at the other end of the cable as long as it works in Windows 10. Serial communications is standardized, so the same protocol, called RS-232. works for any device that supports it. The adapter’s job is to convert information from the computer into this protocol and create a COM port to send it through.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Plugable Support