Communicator U3 has drive disconnect errors with multiple drives in Mac

Just got the Communicator U3 and am running it via USB 2.0 on a Mac. Have tried multiple drives. Each works for a short period then either transfer freezes or an error pops up stating the drive was disconnected improperly. Unit is useless with this happening.

All documentation states that chipset updates are only needed for the USB3.0 transfer problem. Nothing stated about same issue with 2.0. And no updates are possible using a Mac.

Is this unit defective? If so, this is very aggravating since I spent extra money for overnight delivery on a Saturday.

Transfer rates are crawling with this thing. Right now, it estimates that 80G of transfer will take over 5 hours. I have no problems like this on other external USB hard drives that I use for backup.

It has now happened again. The unit acts like it has lost power or the USB cable has been physically disconnected. Apple’s Disc Utility doesn’t see the unit anymore. The power is still on, and the drive is spinning. !](](

Hi Brian,

Thanks for posting! I am sorry to know about the trouble you are having with the Plugable USB3 SATA Hard Drive Dock.

Just shoot us an email at with your Amazon Order ID and the serial no (given at the bottom) of the device and we will take care of the issue.