Communication over Windows Transfer Cable


The cable works fine, computer is able to recognize it.
I’m a computer programmer, I have C and background.
I would like to use this cable to communicate with my own software on both ends, the goal is for our calibration engineers to plug their laptops into machines that we build (running windows) and interact between programs running on each. Any information need on carrying this out would be very helpful, thank you.
Daniel Bingamon - Cincinnati Control Dynamics, Inc

If this works out, we will standardize with this.


Thank you for contacting us about the USB Transfer Cable.

I’m sorry to say that we wouldn’t be able to help with this. We have not worked with the cable at this level. The drivers for the cable are supplied by Microsoft and as far as I know there is no API or SDK for them. You might want to contact Prolific, the maker of the PL25A1 chip for this cable. Here is a link to the product page for the chip:

There is a Linux driver that turns the cable into a point-to-point TCP/IP network between two computers. There might be source available for that driver that could help you.

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