Color Profile's Do Not Work

I have a UD-3000 and a UGA-2K-A.

Color profiles have absolutly no affect on the displays, I have verified that they are active inside windows color management but they do nothing.

I have the latest display link drivers loaded.

The profiles do work on my native laptop screen and when I connect an external monitor to my display port on my laptop.


Oh No!, it looks like display link doesn’t support color profiles, based on a search of their forums.

this is VERY disappointing if true :frowning:

I also wish I knew this before I purchased a SpyderPro4 color calibration device.


Thanks for contacting us! Unfortunately as you indicated color management is not a supported feature by DisplayLink chipsets (used both in UGA-2K-A as well as UD-3000), so is actually unrelated to hardware or driver configurations on the machine. Sorry I don’t have better news, if this feature is required for you, we do have a 30 day no questions asked return policy via Amazon returns:…

Let us know how we can help!


Do you know if there is ever any plans to add support for icc profiles? or is it technically impossible or something?

Hi - Sorry, the hardware itself doesn’t have the independent color space controls to do what you’re hoping. There’s no ability that we know of to support icc profiles. Sorry for the bad news - hope that information helps, though.

I see, thanks for the information, these are still excellent products. I wish I did this research before.