Chromebook Plus, USB-C dock, wired keyboard/mouse

Samsung Chromebook Plus, USB-C hub with passthrough charging. I am having trouble using wired mouse, keyboard with the Chromebook Plus. The devices will power on (non-functional) for a few seconds, and then turn off. This occurs when both charging and not charging with the passthrough.

I am not convinced the dock is defective because I’ve connected the USB3-HUB3ME through the USB-C hub and the Ethernet adapter works just fine. I can also read USB drives through the USB-C hub.

Mouse is:…


Thanks for contacting Plugable support. Sorry to hear about this issue, I’d be happy to assist you.

It sounds that perhaps USB 2.0 devices may not be working when connected through the hub. Can you confirm if the USB drives you tried were all USB 3.0?

Thank you.

I was trying USB 2.0 drives originally. Though, good call! USB 2.0 seems to be the issue.

I had an old USB 2.0 hub ( ) laying around, so I gave it a shot as an intermediary. It worked! Both keyboard and mouse work at the same time when plugged into that, plugged into the USB-C hub w/ passthrough.

A little experimenting with what I have handy:
Thing, Plugable USB-C hub bare, Plugable USB 2.0 hub to Plugable USB-C hub
sandisk cruzer USB 2.0 SDCZ6-4096RB, Works, Works
USB2.0 MicroSD reader, Works, Works
AmazonBasics mouse, Broken, Works
USB keyboard, Broken, Works
Sandisk USB 3.0 drive SDCZ43-016G-G46, Broken(!), Works
Steam controller via wireless USB 2.0 dongle, Broken, Works (lizard mode; no mouse)
Steam controller via wired USB 2.0 cable, Broken, Works (lizard mode; use as mouse!)
Yubikey 4 Nano (new version), Broken, Works

Sorry for our delayed reply over the weekend.

Thanks for the info. Very strange, I’m not sure if I have an explanation for the behavior you are seeing. It could be a compatibility issue with the VIA VL100 chipset in our hub not being fully compatible with the USB-C implementation for your Chromebook Plus.

Ultimately we may need to offer you a return for a full refund as we don’t have the same system here for testing.


Thanks, Josh.

I appreciate it, but a refund won’t be necessary. I superglued the Plugable USB2-2PORT on top of the Plugable USB-C hub w/passthrough. The mouse and keyboard work great now!

Then I bought a second USB2-2PORT just in case I need to plug something in when I have the mouse and keyboard in. I glued that one too so I didnt lose it.


Hah! Interesting solution to be sure.

If everything is working OK for you, then I guess we’ll call it settled. But if you ever need anything else don’t hesitate to ask us at

Best wishes!