Charging iPhone 4s AND 5s

Is there a powered USB hub that will charge my iPhone 4s and 5s at the same time, or at all? I also have other USB chargeable gizmos that would not need to be charged at the same time, but, of course need to be occasionally charged. Am looking to get rid of a tangle of charging cords and and chargers at the wall outlet.
I am by no means a techy…I would like something I can just plug in and forget about it.

Hey Rick,

Any of our BC 1.2 Charging USB hubs or charger products can charge any of the iPhone models historically or currently available, though there are distinct limitations when looking at the behaviors of charging while also attempting to sync data with the device on our hubs.

Please have a look at our products at and ask any specific questions you may have.


Sam Morgan
Technical Support Analyst
Plugable Technologies