Charge and sync iPad 1 & iPhone 5 from MacPro 4.1 on USB 3.0 hub?

I have an early 2009 MacPro 4.1 and am looking to add some USB ports. I thought I might as well upgrade to USB 3.0 while I’m at it, and am considering the Inateck 4004 PCIe USB 3.0 card with the Plugable USB3-HUB81X4. I’d like to connect an iPad 1, an iPhone 5, a Garmin Edge 500, a Plugable SuperSpeed USB 3.0 card reader, my Nikon D60, and some thumb drives, though not all at once, of course. My goal is to use the hub to charge and sync my iPad and iPhone, though charge speed isn’t important to me. However, when looking at the FAQ (…), the chart seems to indicate that this hub charges, but does not sync, the iPad 1 and iPhone 5. Is that true? That would seem to defeat the purpose of the hub as a data connection. Is there a better solution for my scenario? Should I just get a USB 2.0 hub, since the only item I have that can actually take advantage of USB 3.0 speeds is my card reader?


Unfortunately USB 3.0 add on cards for Mac Pros have been troublesome in the past. Our founder has a good blog post on some of the issues:…

The hub you are looking at actually does support charging while syncing data with the latest revision, but we’ve not yet had a chance to update the charging data charts.

For the best compatibility with your Mac Pro, I would recommend this hub instead, which is USB 2.0 and supports charge and sync (which for charging and syncing your iOS devices would be fine since they are only USB 2.0 anyways):