change mapping drive on new pc to transfer data to will not change from C: to D:?

I am trying to transfer my data from the C: drive on my old laptop to the D: drive on my new laptop as the C:drive on the new laptop is a smaller SSD for Operating System only and does not have enough capacity for my documents, et al.

I can see where I can change the mapping path but it will not allow me to change the destination drive from C: to D: on the new destination.

Please help, I am very frustrated with this process at this moment.


Thanks for posting, and I apologize for the frustration this is causing! Below are the steps to change where data is transferred to from the source computer. As a heads up, we can only select and remap the destination one folder at a time so you will need to repeat these steps for each individual folder to be transferred.

  1. First things first, uncheck all files in the ‘Select Files To Transfer’ window. We don’t want to accidentally move something to the wrong place or move unnecessary folders/files.

2)When selecting the files to transfer, instead of selecting any files or folders click the ‘Add Folder’ button in the bottom right. You should see a new popup with two lists. The left side is the source (the old computer) and the right is the computer we’re moving the files to (the new computer).

  1. Locate the folder you’d like to transfer files from on the left side and click to highlight it. If you do not see the folder or files you’re looking for, click the checkbox for ‘Show Protected Folders’ below the list.

  2. On the right side, click the folder you would like to move the files selected on the left hand side to and click OK at the bottom of the window. This will close the popup and bring us back to the ‘Select Items To Transfer’ screen.
    4a) If you receive a message saying ‘That Source Folder Is Already Present’ during Step 3, this means the folder can be manually mapped without these steps. In these instances, locate the folder from the Items To Transfer list and click Properties. Below the destination field it should say ‘Change…’ in blue (you can click this). After clicking ‘Change…’ you can manually select the folder.

  3. You should see the newly added folder in the list of items to transfer. You can highlight it and click ‘Properties’ to confirm the files in the folder are moving to the correct destination.

  4. Repeat these steps for each individual folder you would like to transfer from the old computer, since only one folder can be done at a time.

  5. Double check the folders you would like to transfer are checked in the Items To Transfer list, and assuming it looks correct, click Next to begin the transfer. The amount of time the process takes varies depending on how much information is being transferred, with larger amounts of data taking more time to complete the transfer.

Link to the in-depth instructions:…

I hope these steps help, and I’ll include a link to more detailed instructions below. If you have any questions or issues with the transfer process, please send an email to and we will be happy to continue assisting you!

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