Causing my Magic Keyboard 2 to act wacky!

I’ve been using a Plugable UD-6950H DOCKING STATION since November 2021. Everything seemed to be going well, until for the past 2 weeks. My Bluetooth keyboard has been acting wacky from time to time. Here are some symptoms:

  1. It becomes unresponsive or has a considerable lag when pressing the keys.
  2. Keys are pressed that I didn’t even press.

This is my setup:
Computer: MacBook Pro M1 / 16GB / 1TB
macOS: Monterrey 12.0.1
External keyboard: Apple Magic Keyboard 2 with numeric keypad (Space Grey) connected via Bluetooth
Mouse: Magic Mouse 2 (Space Grey) connected via Bluetooth
DisplayLink release: 1.5 | Sep 8, 2021
I have connected two monitors to my MacBook Pro via the UD-6950H docking port using the HDMI ports. They are not 4K monitors. One is 24 inches and the other is 19 inches.

In order to test possible causes of the weird behavior observed with the Bluetooth Magic Keyboard 2, I turned off the UD-6950H and connected one of the monitors via a standard Anker HDMI adapter to the MacBook Pro and I no longer observe the strange behavior of the Bluetooth Keyboard.

I would appreciate comments regarding this matter. It’s very frustrating, especially given the fact that I paid $150 for this Plugable docking station. Less than two months later I’m more frustrated than I am satisfied with my purchase…


Thank you for contacting Plugable! I am sorry to hear of the trouble with your UD-6950H and Bluetooth interference.

I have replied to your internal ticket, and will reply here if and when we have a solution.

Plugable Technologies

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