Causes computer to hang on start up.

Vista recognized the hub when first used. Everything worked fine until I restarted the computer. It froze very early in boot up stage and hung there. I disconnected the unit and restarted and everything was fine. I replugged in the hub and all worked well but I cannot restart computer with hub connected. Any suggestions?

Hi Terry,

Thanks for posting! I am sorry to know about bios freeze that you are seeing. Let’s figure out what is causing the issue.

Some quick tests to narrow things down-:

  1. Plug in just the Hub to your system with no devices or the power adapter plugged in to the Hub and reboot the system. Does the system reboot without any issues?

  2. Plug only the AC Power Adapter to the Hub and connect the Hub to the system. Try rebooting the system. Does the system reboot?

  3. Plug in only one device to the Hub. Do not plug in the power adapter. Connect the hub to the system and try to reboot. Does the system reboot? If not, could you let me know the make and model (or spec) of the device plugged in to the Hub?

  4. Plug in the same device as in the test above (test 3). Plug in the power adapter to the hub, connect the hub to the system and try rebooting. Does the system reboot?

  5. Can you try out the tests 3 and 4 with all your devices, one at a time and let us know on which combinations (model and make of the device and power adapter attached/ not attached) you see the inability of the system to boot.

If you could let us know the model and make (or specs) of the devices that you plug into the hub, it would be very helpful.

Please do these tests and let us know the results either by posting it here or by shotting us an email at .

Thanks for your patience while we try to resolve this issue!


Thank you for your prompt attention to my problem Roze. Using your troubleshooting method it appears that the problem is a wireless logitech mouse. I tried using another model Logitech mouse with the same results. So I just powered the mouse off a computer USB and it seems to be fine. I can live with that. Thanks again Roze.