Case of the Disappearing Cursor!

When I’m using the DVI connector from laptop to external monitor, in the middle of working, the cursor on the external monitor disappears! It still appears on the laptop monitor, but I can’t work with or move anything of the external monitor, even using keyboard combinations. I have to reset the monitor display (leaving the external monitor with nothing on it, so I have to drag everything back there) – only to have it happen again half an hour later! Does anyone else have this problem.?

Monitor works fine with standard VGA cable.

I am about to return this product!

Hi Susan,

Thanks for posting and very sorry the setup there is having a problem! We’ll find a solution.

DisplayLink (the chip in the adapter) has updated drivers which solve an issue very similar to what you’re experiencing. Would you be willing to upgrade to the latest drivers and let us know if it helps?

Just download and install the latest driver from DisplayLink here:…

Please let us know how it goes - either way, we’ll be able to find a fix for this issue.

Thanks for your patience!