Can't use Chrome!

I just got a plugable USB 3.0 display adapter and now I can’t use my favorite browser - Chrome. I see this has been a problem for quite some time. Is there a fix for this yet? I sure didn’t expect this to be a problem!

Thanks for posting! Sorry for the frustration! The Feb 22nd release of Chrome introduced some new DirectX usage / behaviors, and they broke in the presence of DisplayLink drivers.

Google is aware of the issue, and has already fixed it. As of now (March 11th 2913), the fix is available only in the leading-edge build of Chrome, available here:…

But it should be deployed to all Chrome users soon. Would you be able to install that build of Chrome for now?

We have some background we posted when the problem appeared two weeks ago, which also has some other workaround options:…

Again, my apologies - and please post back when you have Chrome working, so we know you’re ok.