Can't Play Streaming Video

Hello, I have a Plugable UGA-165 USB 2.0. why does it now allow me to run movies when the browser is on the monitor attached to this video card? But the same browser when I move to my computer video card works. (Eg Netflix,)

By the way, reading other threads on this topic. I dont have Windows 7. It is Windows Vista Enterprise with Service Pack 2. I can’t find Aero anywhere on my computer.

Hi Kashminder,

Thanks for posting your question here, I’ll be happy to assist. There’s a couple of things to do to ensure that you can play video on your USB connected screen.

The first is to run the Aero troubleshooter for Vista:…

If that doesn’t help, try turning off hardware acceleration in your browser. The exact steps on how to do that will depend on which browser you have, just let me know if I can assist with this step.

I hope this helps,