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I have a new Bluetooth Keyboard bt-key3XL. I have not been able to pair it with my iPhone. I have followed the instructions but it does not work. Also when I open the keyboard it turns off in less than 5 seconds. Hard to even push the keys in that time. Do I have a dud?

Hi Steve,

Thank you for posting about your Bluetooth keyboard. I’m sorry about the problems with it. If it is faulty, we will send a replacement immediately.

It is normal for the green power light to go off after a few seconds, although the keyboard will still be working.

Could you please try these steps for connecting the keyboard to your iPhone, and if it doesn’t work along the way, please let me know what step it fails at? Thanks!

  1. If you have connected the keyboard with any other device, please turn off Bluetooth on that device and forget (or remove) the connection in the device’s settings.

  2. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone. Tap Bluetooth.

  3. Make sure Bluetooth is set ON and let it search for devices.

  4. On the keyboard, press Fn + 1 to go into Bluetooth mode, then Fn + c to go into Bluetooth Pairing mode. The State LED should blink blue.

  5. “Plugable Folding Keyboard” should appear in the Bluetooth settings on the iPhone. Immediately tap it to establish the connection.

  6. Try typing on the keyboard to see if it works.


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