Can't pair Tivoli PAL bluetooth radio to my Windows 10 PC

I’m using a Plugable dongle (BCM 920702 BT 4.0 …also says PANBT400) in an USB 2.0 port on my PC. The radio will pair with my iPhone and it will also pair with a Surface 4 built-in bluetooth. Using my PC’s Win10 System window bluetooth section to search for the radio. The search finds all my other BT devices and even some I’m not using, but the radio (set in its proper pairing mode) won’t show up.
I’ve been working with the radio manufacturers. They even duplicated my setup in their labs and it worked for them.
What could be making my radio “unpairable”? I’m really stuck on this one.

Just a public follow-up on this case regarding the cause of the issue and how it was resolved via our ticket system.

Windows had some issues that caused it to duplicate some device installations including components of the Bluetooth adapter.

Bluetooth components in Windows are very sensitive to driver issues in ways that aren’t necessarily the case with other device types.

In this case it proved helpful to thoroughly clean out the drivers for the adapter then reinstall the drivers. This helped with removing the duplicated devices and caused Bluetooth to behave normally again.

This isn’t an issue specific to the Tivoli product, nor is it specific to our adapter, but it is something that wouldn’t be sorted out on its own. Contacting support is the best way to move forward if you are encountering similar issues.