Cant keep docking station from ejecting on mac

I have the plugable usb 3.0 hard drive dock. Every time I try to back up my files to it, it ejects ,and gives me an improper ejection error. I’m using a late 2012 macbook pro with 10.8.3 mountain lion on it. Please help!

Hi Logan,

Thanks for posting here! I’m sorry to know about the trouble you are having. We would be glad to help!

We’ve received the email regarding the above issue that you sent to and Jeff is in the process of sending you the troubleshooting steps to figure out what could be causing the issue you are seeing and how to resolve it.

Thanks for your patience!


I should be able to use the usb 3.0 on my macbook pro thought right? I have all usb 3.0 usb ports on my laptop.

Hi Logan-

Yes, you can use the usb 3.0 ports once we’re done troubleshooting.

Please let us know if you’re able to maintain a consistent connection over usb 2.0, that is the first step in troubleshooting- basically trying to see if you might simply have a bad usb 3 cable.

If anyone else stumbles onto this tread while troubleshooting connections on their Plugable USB 3.0/2.0 SATA Hard Drive Docking Station please feel free to reference our troubleshooting guide at:…

Jeff Everett

For the benefit of any referencing this thread, Logan let us know that he was able to maintain a consistent connection via usb 2.0 in a private email.

Since this points to a bad USB3 cable, we’ll be sending him a replacement USB3 cable at no charge. Logan, please expect an email with a tracking number and further details this afternoon.

If you also have one of our HDD docking stations and are also seeing inconsistent connections via usb 3.0 but stable connections on usb 2.0, please email with your amazon order ID and we’ll be happy to help!

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett

Ok, thanks. I guess, lol. Your sure its the cable?

Hi Logan-

That first test you did indicates that a bad USB3 cable is why you’re not seeing a consistent connection on usb3 even though you do on usb2. There is really no way to be certain other than sending you a known good USB 3 cable and seeing if that works- unless you already have a USB 3 cable you know works. If so, feel free to test with that and let us know if you see the same issue.

Please let us know if that doesn’t fix the problem once you receive it. For what it’s worth, bad USB 3 cables seems to be the most common issue we’ve seen with these HDD docking stations, although there really are several components that we have to check depending on what OS the computer runs, what chipset and drivers are loaded into that OS, etc.

Please let us know if you have any other questions, we’re here to help!

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett

My iMac keeps ejecting my 1tb drive in the docking station, very frustrating but it doesn’t disappear in finder?

Any ideas?