Can't get wide screen resolutions with UGA-125!!!

Running windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit on an HP HDX 18 with 8GB DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT and using USB 2.0 Display Adapater Model UGA-125. on a Dell S2309W monitor. I can only get a max resolution of 1280 x 1024 on the monitor. No wide screen resolutions are available. According to all specs this adapter should support 1440 x 900 wide screen resolution. Tried updating drivers and the update utility tells me the drivers are the latest. How do I resolve this?

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for posting. Sorry, that’s frustrating to be stuck at 1280x1024.

Here’s what’s happening: The UGA-125 can do 1440x900. Windows looks at what the graphics card can do, what the monitor can do, and offers the common modes supported by both the monitor and graphics adapter.

The native mode of that Dell S2309W monitor is 1920x1080, and then below that a monitor will list certain alternatives it supports. The 2309W is not offering 1440x900, so Windows is going down to 1280x1024.

You can see other users hitting the same problem with this monitor, with other graphics cards that only support 1440x900:…

As suggested in that thread, one thing I’d check first: The 2309W comes with a drivers disk for the monitor. Installing that driver may get Windows to offer more modes.

Do you still have the monitor’s driver disk around?

Best wishes,