Can't get the external display to work


I can’t seem to get my new laptop display to display on the external monitor when using the USB 2.0 Docking Station. I’ve downloaded the drivers. When I plug the display directly to the laptop it works (using the VGA? plug) but when using the DVI plug or the VGA w/DVI adapter into the docking station, it does work. :frowning:


Hi Kim,

Thanks for posting. Sorry you’re experiencing this problem.

Can you say what make/model of laptop you’re using, and what operating system you’re running?

And when you plug in the dock, are any error messages reported? Did it appear like drivers successfully installed when you first plugged in the device? (if you’re not sure, please go ahead and download & install the latest drivers from…)

And what’s the result when the dock is plugged in - is the screen just blank or is there some other behavior?

Thanks for your patience while we work to figure this out!