Can't get second monitor to show Surface Book 2 USBC pluggable dock

Hi i am attempting to connect my Surface Book 2 to my 2 external monitors.

I have a pluggable usbc Model number TBT4-HUB3C-EUA. I am connecting my SB2 through the provided thunderbolt 4 cable. Then the pluggable dock connects to my kvm switch using these cables:

USB-C to HDMI 4K, CableCreation Type C to HDMI 6 Feet Cable, Thunderbolt 3 Compatible, Male to Male, Compatible with MacBook Pro/iMac 2017/Surface Book 2/Chromebook Pixel/Yoga 920/Samsung S8/S8+, Black/1.8M : Electronics

The kvm switch is then connected to my 2 external monitors.

When i plug The hdmi cables in individually to the pluggable unit each of the displays will work so i get an extra display. When both are plugged in get no display on one of the 2 screens, only one screen is detected by my Surface Book 2. My Surface book 2 is running Windows 11.

Also to note the KVM switch is working fine as my PC routes through it and the 2 external monitors work fine.

Hello Travis,

Thanks for contacting Plugable support! I’m sorry to hear about this display issue through your Plugable TBT4 Hub, but I’d be happy to help!

I would like to look at this issue a bit more by requesting some logs from your system to investigate better what could be going wrong, as we could be dealing with incompatibility with your KVM.

I would be glad to help further, but to do so, I’ll have to ask you to reach out to us directly outside of the forums.

Please email us directly @ In the message, please include the following detail:
• Reference case ID “#359835-OD.”

"e look forward to hearing back from you so that we can assist further.

Thank you for allowing us to help,

Omar D.
Plugable Technologies


Travis reached out to us directly as Omar had previously requested, and we have sent our direct reply.

We wanted to provide an update to this thread with the relevant information from our direct reply for the benefit of others:

"The level of functionality provided by the Plugable TBT4-HUB3C Thunderbolt 4 hub is ultimately determined by the capability of the host PC to which it is connected. On its own, the hub does not add any additional capabilities to the host PC.

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 laptop you are using has a single USB Type-C port that allows for the connection of a maximum of one external display. It is not possible to drive two external displays via the Surface Book 2’s USB Type-C port.

This is an internal limitation of the laptop, and this internal limitation is why both displays are not working when connected to the TBT4-HUB3C. To be clear, this is an internal limitation of the laptop, not a limitation of the TBT4-HUB3C.

Given the laptop’s internal display limitation, it will not be possible to connect two displays to the laptop via the TBT4-HUB3C.

We offer a 30-day no-hassle return policy for all products sold by Plugable and fulfilled by Amazon. If your purchase meets those requirements, I am afraid I would have to recommend that you return the product to Amazon for a refund. "

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies