Can't get DVI and HDMI to work simultaneously anymore

Using the USB 3.0 Docking station with two external monitors (Samsung). When initially setup had no issues with getting both monitors to work (one HDMI, one DVI). Now if I plug anything into the DVI port (even an empty adapter) the HDMI video cuts out. How do I get them both working again?
I have tried restarts and shutdowns. I have made sure I have latest windows updates and even tried uninstalling the latest ones to see if that was the issue. No success.
If I have everything plugged in (both monitors into docking station) the laptop can tell both are there (because they were previously configured and working) but the monitor hooked to HDMI is not available to receive a signal, though the one connected to DVI works fine. If I pull out the DVI plug the HDMI comes on.
This all happens whether the HDMI is primary or secondary.
Any suggestions?