Can't get dual display with 2017 MacBookPro

Can’t get dual display to work with new 2017 13" MacBook pro with touch display. I have hdmi plugged into the 4k and 2K ports. One monitor will work, other won’t. Have tried multiple HDMI and USB-C cables, uninstalled DisplayLink and reinstalled. Using Sept 2017 build, and I am on High Sierra which is supposed to work better with Display Link. Help!

Hi Everyone,

After posting this individual GetSat question, Mike reached out to us directly via our support email address. After reviewing some additional information, we found that the issue Mike was running into was related to the individual DisplayLink drivers not correctly being accepted by gatekeeper, and not all of the extensions were set as live. We have created a blog post for these instructions located at this link ->…

If anyone is experiencing a similar issues, or has any questions related to utilizing our docking stations with their MacOS system, please feel free to reach out to us directly at, and we would be happy to help!

Thank you for your patience,
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