Can't get docking station to work, at all.


I have a brand new laptop running Windows 7 (64-bit) Home Premium w/ Service Pack 1. The processor is an Intel i7-2820QM.

I have tested my second monitor, using the monitor port on the laptop and it runs fine using that port. All my USB ports are good and all my USB devices will operate when connected directly to the laptop. But, of course, the benefit of having a docking station is not having to plug/unplug all those devices everytime you move your computer.

First Install:

Everything seemed to go well. Windows recognized the device, auto-downloaded the drivers, went through install and restarted the computer. But when the computer came back from restart it stopped just before completing the reboot and just made the pointer flash against a black background…never went any further. So I restarted the computer and it did it again. Restarted, did the same thing again. Disconnected the docking station and bam goes straight to regular desktop screen. Plug docking station back in, flashing pointer on black background.

Uninstall from program list.

Second Install:

Windows recognized the device downloaded the drivers, blah blah - on restart instead of completing or giving me the flashing pointer it Blue Screened. Restarted the machine a couple times and it Blue Screened again.

Uninstalled from program list.

Again laptop works great but no idea what’s up with the docking station.



P.S. When I disconnected the docking station during the first install attempt and it went to the regular desktop, I checked the drivers list and couldn’t find any of the drivers I’ve seen screen shots of in other posts on this forum.


Hi Ernest!

Thanks for posting and sorry to see the UD-160A has been behaving so poorly for you!

Some of the symptoms you’re describing sound like problems that have been fixed with more recent DisplayLink drivers: the endless reboots, and rebooting to a blue screen.

Unfortunately the drivers available on Windows Update are the 5.5 version - while on DisplayLink’s website they are currently on 5.6 M1 (it’s the second update of the 5.6 series).

So the first thing we’d like you to try is download 5.6 M1 from DisplayLink - found here and see if that solves the problems.

Also some questions for further troubleshooting:
* What laptop model do you have?
* What is the primary graphics card on your laptop ?
* What is the monitor you’re hooking up to your Plugable adapter?

Ernest, again we’re sorry you’ve hit those problems!
Let us know if the latest drivers fixed the problems or if they persist!