Can't get a Wireless 3rd extended screen won't work through adapter.

I am trying currently running a 3rd (Extended) screen on my laptop using the Plugable USB 2.o UGA Multi-Display Adapter. I run a slideshow on the 3rd screen. I tried to run the 3rd screen wireless with a Actiontec Wireless Transmitter hooked to the Plugable adapter. I never got it to work when hooked to the adapter. I need to run this 3rd screen as a wireless monitor. Any help will be appreciated.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for contacting us! We haven’t heard many successful scenarios from our users with using our DisplayLink adapters and HDMI extenders such as this, both wired or wireless. They tend to prove problematic since DisplayLink adapters require a return EDID from the monitor to pass up the chain in order to render and detect a connection. From what we know of the requirements here it’s doubtful that this setup could work, but if you decide to contact Actiontec support, it would be good to find out if the wireless transmitter is capable of passing along the monitor EDID.