Canon Camcorder WebCam

I hoped that this would allow me to use my Canon camcorder as a Webcam. I cannot find this as a webcam nor can I find it as a display. Did I purchase the wrong item for using my Canon as a webcam?

Thanks for reaching out! The UGA-4KHDMI is designed to allow the attachment of an additional display to a Windows computer. Regrettably, this won’t attach your camera to your computer as a webcam.

If you need to return this product, I’m happy to help with that!

Regarding your intended solution, I may be able to provide some guidance if you let me know exactly what model your Canon camcorder is.

Ok. Thank you for your quick reply.

I bought this at Amazon and can return it to them.

I have a Canon HF R800.


We have a product, the Plugable Performance NIX HDMI Capture Card (USBC-CAP60), that is geared toward video game capture and streaming that accepts HDMI input, connects via USB, and presents the HDMI feed as a webcam source to the PC. It is bus powered by the USB connection.

That being said, we specifically do not market this as a product for camera capture. There’s a lot more variance involved with cameras versus game consoles. For example, game consoles have the ability to output audio in a variety of audio formats, including PCM, which is the only format our capture card supports. Some cameras may use audio formats that are incompatible. Additionally, some of the signal processing that is done by the capture card may degrade the quality of the image captured by a camera.

We have two product pages for the capture card, one that is on our gaming-oriented website and the other on our main website. The first link has more technical details.

It isn’t immediately clear what audio formats that your camera supports. It may show more clearly in the settings on the camera, and/or Canon may be able to provide some clarity regarding that.

I hope that this helps. Please feel free to reply back if you have additional questions.

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