cannot synchronize a pc to a laptop both running windows xp


Cannot synchronize my pc with my laptop…they are both running windows xp
I have downloaded the drivers on both machines and am stuck at the looking for connection screen


HI Jane-

I’ve also received your ticket in our private support side, and already replied there.

Please let me know if you prefer to have the conversation here, or just reply to my message asking for further details if that is convenient.

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I figured it out myself…I had plugged in the usb drive on both computers and then downloaded the driver and installed…the installation went fine, but the program would not work…so I uninstall the program on both computers, downloaded the installation file again and installed it…then I did the same thing on my laptop…Bazinga…it worked like a clock. The key is to read the instructions and then follow them.
Thank you.

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Thanks for reporting back with your findings Jane.

I’m glad to hear things worked out. Please feel free to let us know if you find anything that didn’t transfer: email and iTunes are common ones with known solutions.

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