Cannot select resolution other than 640x480

I am using Omax A350S camera for my microscope and most of the times the digital viewer will only have 640x480 resolution available in settings. Sometimes (can’t figure the pattern) it will let me select other resolutions from the drop down right below the camera selection dropbox (on mac). Please advise how this could be fixed.

Thanks for asking!

Just so we’re clear, are you using our software with a camera other than the USB2-MICRO-250X?

The software will poll the system upon launch, check which UVC devices are attached, then request information from those devices to see what settings are possible. If the device doesn’t report back, the viewer will only give the default resolution.


no, the software will detect both macBook built-in camera and the A3550S. I am trying to set the resolution for the A3550S camera but it has only let me do this twice so far.

Thanks for clarifying, I understand now.

We can’t predict how our software will behave with devices that we don’t sell and have never tested with. If the software isn’t giving you any options for resolution, then the device likely isn’t responding to information requests from the software.