cannot keep the signal between PC and to at 4k@60fps more than 30 sec

Hi, I have a adapter DP-HDMI and I try to use it with a R9 390 (Gigabyte G1) and a Samsung TV KS9000 to obtain 4k@60fps (3840x2160). So, it seems to work but the signal can’t stay more than 10 to 30 sec. The TV lost the signal like if I was removing the cable for a second, and goes back again, and then shut down, and so on… Can you help me with this ?

thank you

My cable:…

Hi Jojo,

Sorry to hear about these issues. Generally drop-offs like this are the result of HDMI cable issues. The cable you link to certainly is well reviewed, but are there any other cables available to test to see if they perform better or worse?

Also, can you please test a bit at 1080P to see if the signal is stable at that resolution?


the signal seems stable at 1080p@30hz or 2160p@30hz when I can set it, but it is hard to switch in between. Seems broken. I’ve tested with a Thomson HDMI cable certified 18gbps. The same.

Thanks for confirming the other cable behaved the same and that the behavior doesn’t happen at lower resolutions. Very unusual.

Looking at reviews of that Samsung TV, it looks like it has a “PC Mode” can you please confirm if the behavior happens with PC Mode enabled? Also, I’m guessing you’ve tested this already, but will be good to see if all HDMI ports on the TV behave the same way at 4K60

And though we have not had any other reports of this type of behavior being caused by the adapter itself, we can certainly try a firmware update to see if that helps.

Can you please email with the subject Ticket 175371 so we can provide the update utility?



I did test the first 2 HDMI but not the 3rd and 4th one, and it works (only on the 4th one). The other ones cannot display 3840x2160@60 today but the lower modes are still OK. I can’t understand why.

I’ve tested all the HDMI modes on the TV, and also the HDMI UHD (HDR) on/off, but it only work on the 4th HDMI (whatever the settings). It is marked “ARC” but I don’t think it’s related.

Sorry I did not test ALL HDMI port. I thought the HDMI PC/DVI would have be the right one, or the one next to it.

It works wonderfully, a shame my graphic card allow only 35fps on Witcher :frowning: But for the videos it’s amazing.

Still, I think it is weird that the first three HDMI can’t work.
I’ve tested several time, only the 4th i’ts working. I’ve done no special configuration though.

Anyway, thank you. I hope it is going to keep working that way.

Hi Jojo,

Glad to hear you found a solution!

From a technical standpoint, not quite sure why this port is different, but I’d speculate that something about this specific HDMI port provides better signal integrity. Perhaps that port has shorter traces than the others due to PCB layout of the HDMI board in the TV. (Though this is just speculation – I suspect we’d need to get feedback from a TV engineer at Samsung to get the real explanation.)