Cannot get adb (Android Debug Bridge) connection to my SamSung phone using you active, DC powered cable

Hi there,

I can get my Mac to recognize my SamSung phone if the phone is plugged directly into the MAC.
(The phone is already 100 percent charged)
I then connect you DC powered 10 meter USB extension cable to the MAC , and connect the SamSung to the other end of that cable. I use your AC/DC plug to power your cable.

I cannot get the MAC to make a adb connection to the phone, nor does it charge the phone.
Now, perhaps the phone requires too much power, OK. But why can’t I get a data connection at least to the phone, thru your (DC powered) active cable ? thanks

It would appear that this cable is uni-directional for data: the differential data booster chip works only in one direction, and not the other !
if I am right, then for naive users like me, there should be a disclaimer: that this active cable does NOT behave like a passive cable when it comes to transmitting data bi-directionally. Maybe that was somewhere in the fine print and I missed it ?

Hello Malkiat,

Thanks for reaching out to us! I am very sorry for the trouble here. With respect, we haven’t tested the cable out with ADB, and cannot guarantee it will work. What I can confirm, is that the cable can be used to connect a smartphone for file transfer, but, it is not designed for charging of devices.

With respect, we do state that the cable is, “Not designed as a USB charger for devices like smartphones or tablets.”, in the compatibility information of our Amazon listing and product page on our website.

Again, I am sorry for the trouble here. You may want to return the cable to Amazon if you don’t have another use for it. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you,

Product Owner
Plugable Support

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