cannot download required drivers

I went to download the drivers for the USB 3.0 4K HDMI Adapter and it said that software need to be uninstalled to download them. I uninstalled the software but the drivers still won’t download. please help

Hi Evan,

Thanks for posting - I’ll be happy to help.

Is there any further information about what specific drivers need to be uninstalled to continue? (There could be any number of different messages here, and each will require a different path to resolve, so any details will be useful. If you’re able to jot down the specific message or take and post a screenshot of the error, that will be helpful in determining how we can resolve things.)


This is the driver that needs to be uninstalled: Fresco Logic USB Graphics software. The is the error message I get when I try to download the drivers from the displaylink website !](](

this is the error I get when I try to install the drivers from a CD !](](

Hi Evan,

Appreciate the additional info and screen shots. If the Fresco uninstaller left pieces of the drivers on the system after uninstall, we’re going to have to do a bit of manual cleanup to try and get things cleaned up. (These driver bits will cause DisplayLink’s drivers to not work, which is why the installation won’t proceed until this is resolved.)

The first thing we’ll want to is delete the Fresco software service. (As outlined in this DisplayLink post:… )

To do so:

  1. Right-click the Start button/Windows logo
  2. Open “Command Prompt (Admin)”
  3. Accept the User Account Control administrative prompt
  4. At the command prompt type the following:

sc delete FLxHCIv

  1. Press Enter
  2. Reboot, and try the driver installation again

Please let us know if this helps. If this doesn’t change the behavior, we’ll need to dig in deeper to see which other parts of the Fresco drivers still remain on the system.


Hi Evan,

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