Cannot connect unit to my Windows Vista 64 Computer.


It wont recognize the unit.




Hi Frank,

Thanks for posting your question, I’ll try to help. To get started troubleshooting I’ll need a little more detail about what’s happening. Can you say which of our products you have?

Also, any information about what’s happening when you connect the device will help to isolate the cause and get you up and running.



I have the Communicator U3 Sata HDD docking station. I used the USB Cord and once I hook it all up, put the drive in and power up, nothing happens.


Hi Frank,

Thanks for the additional details. There can be a couple of reasons why your dock would not recognize a drive when it’s plugged in. Here’s a link to a quick troubleshooting doc walks through the most common things that can cause problems with the U3.…

Take a look at the troubleshooter and let me know what you find, then we’ll be able to figure out the best next steps.



I followed those directions and it still wont recognize the docking station. I go to disk management and the drive isnt there.


Hi Frank,

Here’s a couple more quick questions –

Is the green light on?
Does it behave the same using the included USB 2.0 cable that came with the dock?
Is the drive otherwise known to be good?
Do you have another drive you can try?

Please reply with these details along with your Amazon Order Id and link to this thread to and we’ll get you fixed up.


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