Cannot connect to usb ports on dock

Hi. I just received my TBT3-UDZ docking station. I am trying to connect to my Lenovo Thinkpad laptop. It has 2 Thunderbolt USB-C ports on the back. USB-C with the little lightning bolt above them.

I have tried connecting, disconnecting, rebooting, etc.

All I can get is HDMI to a second monitor. Non of the usb ports on the dock work. The audio jack on the dock doesn’t work.

The last thing I did was unplug everything,
reboot the laptop,
wait a minute after logging on,
plug power into dock,
connect thunderbolt cable between dock and laptop (the laptop did the usb connection beep beep),
plug usb (mouse and keyboard) into dock, nothing happened,
plug hdmi into dock, second monitor came on,
plug audio (pair of speakers) into dock, speakers don’t come on and they are not listed in the volume settings.

That’s where I am. I have a dock that only gives me the second monitor.

Looking for some help.


Oh yeah, Windows 11.


Got it, found a driver on the Lenovo site.

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