cannot connect LG Ultra HD 24UD58 on Windows

I have the latest 2017 MBP 2015 w/ Radeon 560

I’ve been using the cable just fine for about a month, both via Mac and Bootcamp.

Today I was adjusting my settings in my bootcamp Win 10 and suddenly the screen blacked out. Since then, my external display never got connected again, always showing “no signal” and windows showing “USB devices unrecognized, may be broken” message. The cable and my screen works fine in Mac, except this time a message jumps out on the screen “Caution: please use LG-provided cables.”(something like that).

I play a lot of games on bootcamp and it won’t be possible without my external display connected.

Please advise.

Hello Ruochong, thanks for posting. I am sorry to hear of this behavior and I will be happy to help. Just to clarify, our USBC-DP cable had worked previously within Mac and Windows under Bootcamp, but after adjusting some settings our cable no longer works when running Windows/Bootcamp? However it still works when you are running MacOS?

If that seems correct we will want to examine some log files from the Windows installation in order to begin investigating. To help us do so please download and run our diagnostic utility PlugDebug –> with everything connected while running Windows. Please send us the file that is created on your Desktop to a separate email to our direct support email team at with ‘Ticket Number 196793’ in the subject line. We’ll match everything up and determine next steps from there.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies