Cannot connect A2dp sink to LG soundbar

I have successfully paired my USB adapter with my LG Soundbar but cannot connect a2dp sink to allow any audio streaming. The computer is running LinuxLite. I have downloaded the firmware as suggested elsewhere.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for posting your question. I’m sorry you are having difficulties with A2DP in LinuxLite.

Unfortunately, we often do see issues with A2DP in Linux. Its implementation is not the same across distributions and versions, and it often requires tweaking to get it to work, and even then results can be less than totally satisfactory.

You mentioned downloading the firmware. Did you follow the instructions in this post:…

I haven’t worked directly with LinuxLite, although I understand it is based on the Ubuntu LTS versions, so it is at least in familiar territory. I’ll do a little bit of research to get a feel for what you are working with, then will probably ask you to check a few things or send me a few config files as we get an idea what is going on.


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Hi Paul,

Thank you for waiting.

I’m assuming your are working in the GUI. If not, please let me know.

Please open a terminal and type:


This will open the Pulse Audio volume control window.

There you want to go to go to the Configuration tab and make sure High Fidelity Playback (A2DP) is selected for your soundbar.

Next, click on the Output tab and make sure the check mark next to the sound bar is selected and that the volume is set at a reasonable level (the line is 100%).

Next click the Playback tab and make sure the correct playback source is set and playing and that your soundbar is selected in the button at the upper right of its section in the list of sources.

If this doesn’t work, please let me know.

Thank you,

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Ultimately, the issue was resolved using information from this webpage:…