Cannot Adjust Lighting Microscope 250 Mac

Just bought the plugable 250 Microscope. The lighting is super sharp and I want to adjust it in the settings but am not given a “More” option that is saw in the video. Any suggestions on where to find these lighting settings? Thanks!

Hello Cheffy,

Thank you for contacting Plugable and welcome to the forums! I can certainly advise on how to change the lighting for our USB Microscope. There is a physical dial on the USB Microscope that has an icon of a lightbulb, I will attach an image to show where that can be located.

As for the Digital Viewer software there are some differences between the Windows version and the MacOS version of the software. In the settings of Digital Viewer on MacOS it does not have the option for “More” settings but this is available on Windows Digital Viewer. I hope this information helps clear up any questions on how to adjust the lighting for our USB Microscope. Let me know if you have any further questions on this.


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