Cannot access BIOS

Pressing the delete key should allow access to the BIOS setup which it does with a wired keyboard but not when using a plugable Bluetooth USB adapter and a Bluetooth keyboard. How do I fix this problem?

Hello Peter,

Nearly all computer motherboards lack a method of accepting Bluetooth signals directly as there are many software components required for Bluetooth device communication including the pairing process.

Meanwhile, other wireless keyboard types (such as RF wireless keyboards) handle the translation from a wireless signal to a standard USB keyboard without the need for additional software components. The non-Bluetooth adapters for these devices are also pre-configured to communicate without a pairing process.

Some Bluetooth adapters have a feature called ‘HID proxy’ which incorporates a hardware-level workaround for this limitation, but our adapter does not include this. The other workaround would be to use a Bluetooth keyboard that has a USB mode, so that it can function as a USB keyboard when connected with a USB cable to a computer for purposes of entering the BIOS and performing operating system installations.

I am sorry if this not the answer you were hoping for, but I hope it helps.

  • Andy
    Plugable Support