can you remove the pluggable mechanical switches? And possibly put in new ones

The pluggable mechanical keyboard came with a switch puller dose that mean I can take out the switches and put in new ones or is that in there for another reason


Thanks for asking!

Technically, yes! However, we only recommend removing the switches if you have obtained new switches to install (ie installing a different type, or replacing a defective switch). This is because when removing the old switches, if not done carefully, the outer switch housing can be slightly damaged. It shouldn’t affect the function of the switch, but we like to mention it just in case!

For compatible switches, the keyboard supports most Outemu branded switches, BSUN Brown switches, and Invyr Panda switches.

Other switches such as Kailh, Gateron, Cherry, etc are not compatible with the hot swap mechanism.

Here is a link to some compatible Outemu Ice switches:……

Please note that the above linked switches come with hot-swap sockets preinstalled, so those will need to be pulled off the switch pins before they can be used in our keyboard (since it already has sockets soldered into the circuit board).

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Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies

Hi Everyone!

We hope the information we laid out regarding how to remove and hot swap the switches, as well as what switches are compatible was informative!

If Zach, or anyone else has any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us directly at

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