Can you have two different screens on the laptop and single external screen?

I’ve noticed that information on this dock indicate that it can display to different images across two external monitors. I’m wondering if it can display two different images (extend) on a M1 Macbook Air and a single external monitor? Or do I need two external monitors to display two different images? Thanks.

Hello, and thanks for asking!

Yes you can! The UD-6950H uses DisplayLink technology to add up to two additional 4K 60Hz displays, that can be run in extended or mirrored mode depending on your needs. This method of external display rendering does not count towards the limit of 1 external display on your M1 MacBook Air.

Please note that you will need to download and install the DisplayLink Manager app on your Mac in order for the docking station to be able to render the external displays. We have step by step instructions on how to do so located here (It is important to follow each step closely!) →

If you do purchase the UD-6950H and run into any problems please do let us know, we’re here to help!

Sean //

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