Can the Plugable USB 2.0 Ethernet adaptor be used with a Sharp 50 Roku TV?

Trying to get wired internet for my Sharp 50 Roku TV, which does not have any Ethernet ports. Thank you!!

Hi Valerie,

Thank you for posting the question about USB2-E100 Ethernet adapter.

The compatibility with non-PC, such as the Sharp Roku TV, is completely non-PC device dependent. If the device driver of this adapter (chip set AX88772) has been pre-installed into the device, this adapter can work.

If not, since most of the non-PC device does not allow users to install any device driver by themselves, there is not any way to make this adapter work.

In other words it is non-PC device manufacturers’ decision.

Please contact Sharp to figure out if the TV supports ASIX AX88772 chip set or not. If it is supported, this adapter should work.

Hope this helps,
Plugable Technologies