Can the 6950Z dock work as a standalone USB Charger, without laptop connected?

Hi All,

I’m hailing from the UK, and I am looking at this UD-6950Z dock for my M1 MacBook Air.

It would be a great selling point if the 6950Z dock work can be used as a standalone USB Charger, without laptop connected. My Del WD19 dock needs a laptop connected before it will usb charge anything - very inconvenient at times.

Please can you confirm if the 6950Z dock work as a standalone USB Charger, without laptop connected

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Hello all again,

I am using a Dell WD19 dock, and I am running out of USB-A slots.

A few questions:

Q1) Simple set up - for more USB-A slots:
Can the 6950Z Dock be used only as a usb hub? I.e. Running off another hub, needing more USB-A slots?

Q2) USB-A to USB-C Adaptor
Would it be an issue - if I have put an adaptor onto the plugable lead to the Hub?
I.e. THe Hardware set up would be WD19 Hub >> USB-A to USB-C Adaptor >> plugables’s USB-C lead to 6950Z hub

Q3) For more USB-A slots - Are more complex set up possible?

  • I need USB-A Hub Connection for Work laptop
  • I need USB-C Hub Connection for Personal laptop

3.1). Set up (1) for Work laptop

  • Work laptop - No Displaylink - Connected to the primary Dell WD19 hub, for direct monitor connections via HDMI and DP leads.
  • The Dell WD19 connected to the 6950Z for more USB-A slots

QUESTION: Would it be an issue - if there are monitor leads also connected to 6950Z as well as the primary hub, even if the 6950Z is not used for monitor connections??

3.2). Set up (2) for Personal Laptop

  • The reason why I want the ‘USB-A to USB-C Adaptor’ from Q2, is because I can then unplug the USB-C lead from the WD19 hub, and plus that directly into my personal M1 Macbook air

I hope you can advise on the above!

King regards

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