Can only use one display


I have the USB-C ULTCTL which I have successfully used with my DELL Latitude laptop to drive 2 displays.
I have tried using it with my work Lenovo Thinkpad but it will only drive one monitor which must be plugged into the 4K HDMI port.
I have followed the guidance in one of the forum topics to uninstall the driver, clean the PC and re-install all to no avail.

I cannot understand why all it works with the DELL but not the Thinkpad.

The only thing I can think of is that the DELL is running an old driver(9.3.3324.0) whilst the Thinkpad is running the latest driver.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Mark,

Thank you for reaching out to Plugable support! I’d be happy to help!

I would be interested in looking at the logs for your system to investigate further. Could you please keep the Plugable dock connected to your system (with the non-working displays still attached to the HDMI 4K), then navigate to our PlugDebug tool ( and follow the instructions there?

In the message, please include the following detail:
• Reference case ID “355857."
We look forward to hearing back from you so that we can assist you further.


Omar D.
Plugable Technologies

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