Can it do a multi-seat setup in Windows XP?

Multiseat Windows XP Home 32 bit.

I just worked through the awesome guide that Bernie has up on setting multiseat up with Linux. I was hoping the default for Window’s was multseat but now that I have it installed it just seems to extend/mirror the screen.

Question: Is it possible to setup multiseat on Windows XP with the Plugable Device? If so, any links or resources I can use to get me started in the right direction?


Thanks, Steven! Windows XP can’t do multiseat out of the box, but sells a multiseat solution for Windows XP Pro. They’ve run it with Plugable docks and have reported good results.

Microsoft’s native multiseat solution is the new Multipoint Server 2010 product. They support any graphics/dock product with driver support. Plugable’s products use DisplayLink chips, and you can see their marketing info on Multipoint Server at

BeTwin can run Multi Seat on Windows XP home with no problem.

Previous tests with BeTwin showed that it didn’t work with devices like Plugable’s (based on DisplayLink USB chips), whereas Miniframe did. It would be interesting to hear if that’s been improved or fixed.

I take it that your USB displaylink boxes will in fact work with MS Multipoint Server a la HP t100. I prefer your boxes as the t100 uses PS2 KB and Mouse connection.

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Hi Bernie Thompson
i bought NBdock1920 c
but when i install softxpand it can not show NBdock1920c why?
note: i have wondows 7 32 bit

Hi Yasser, NBdock1920 isn’t a Plugable product, so sorry we don’t know what’s in it and can’t support it.

But which devices are supported currently vary based on version of SoftXpand. Only the “Xpress” and “Home” versions on XP currently support USB graphics on DisplayLink based products. See here for details:…

SoftXpand is working on support for DisplayLink devices on Windows 7, but that support is not yet released.

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I’d be nervous about friendlyseats – their download link isn’t even active.

If there are any test results showing a solution working, we’d definitely love to hear about them!

For now, there is one known solution for users with XP. Miniframe’s SoftXpand is capable of working with our devices – we hope to provide more information when their next version is out (scheduled for coming weeks).

Their SoftXpand Home solution turns one computer into two with a device like the Plugable UT-1. They have a 14 day trial, and the product is $49.95. Note: The machine must be running XP Professional (32-bit). XP Home and other lesser versions aren’t compatible.