Can i use Edubuntu Server?

Can i use the DC-125 with Edubuntu server to connect to 10 users? I do not want to use Userful.

Hi Olu,

Thanks for asking! The short answer is “no” - there is no (free) Linux distro today that has the same easy out-of-the box support as Userful Linux.

The longer answer is a little more promising, though:

All the drivers to support the DC-125 are open source and built into recent Linux kernels. The trick is getting multiseat configured on top of that. Depending on your willingness to configure, it is possible to get a setup running with all open source components (and no license fees).

Here are our instructions for doing that on (Ed)ubuntu 9.04:… Unfortunately, newer Ubuntu versions broke this method.

And you’ll find several other earlier implementations.

Looking forward, the next version of Fedora (17) is currently planned to have fully plug and play USB multiseat support…

And once that is out, hopefully that support will migrate to other distros.

Hope that background helps. Let us know if you do move forward - we’ll help however we can.